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Costa Rica Volcano Arenal

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Green lagoon

The adventure to be close as near a downtown mall when we go shopping or near like in a national theater for a acting show.

Yes, the facts are that in these case totally different, but with the same sense of travel and amusement watching an active Volcano can attract as many tourist as the Orlando Florida Disneyworld park

Fire landscape

The fact in our lives is to be challenge once in a while, to be so close of nature’s most amazing si

tes, the most relevant places in the earth, close of fire from the center of the earth planet and with respect to it at almost every single second.
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( Photos: see inside green lagoon volcano Irazu

La laguna verde del volcan

( Irazu landscapes to visit for vacation time, central Americas biggest crater volcanoes)

A volcano that has millions of years age and still alive, a nose where the
planet breathes and expulses ashes and fire, gas chemicals with mix water, red
and white lava. It the most exclusive show that we can appreciate from mother

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Adventures Travel Tours for Ecotourism

IRAZU Volcano A National Park, 24 square Kilometer, 3,432 meters high, diameter 1050 meters, 20 species plants, 30 species of wild life birds.

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Volcano Irazu

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Waterfall near Arenal volcano’s cone area

Returning Home, Shower Free Style on The Pot of Water

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Costa Rica travel

The images show beautiful waterfalls and visitors people swimming free style with clothes on and backpack

Water dropping down the water pot from a green mountain

Natural waterfall

Red Hot Lava Coming Out From Volcano

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Photo images side by side, and find differences in between them, notice any differences?

Volcano Arenal

The most excitement moments is to look red hot lava out from the volcanoes cones.

Eruptons volvano

The Best River’s Waters With Light Blue Color

Gorgeous views of the whole natural lanscapes and sunsets all the time.
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Tips for Costa Rica travel adventures

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