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Part of my job description only apply to some readers.
After several tries to make an appointment and develop an international business stores online, at the end of the road, I got the big deal done

I was sitting in a chair at the main guest room in South Florida’s Miami Hotel travel and one of the most famous United States
downtown hotels.

I was waiting for a couple of company’s business buyers and representatives, so my small business name website store would get to sell some good shoes, hotel reservations, jewelry, womens clothing, baby items, corporate cell phone lines and travel packages for honeymoon and fun traveling.

They finally arrived and sat right in front of me, and I directed a conversation or a kind of speech so everyone could understand me
In the middle of my job, the professional translator person, who happened to be an American: Finding your size: 6 D M US to 11 14 D M. ( Color: Sharp Blue / Black / Spray
Vivid Yellow-Black Super Yellow

Water Shoe

Black / Metallic Silver-Black
” Meshnylon, Rubbers rubber soles Upper:

Open mesh nylon for best breathability and quick drying Midsole:
shoesadidas Drainage System (a.D.S.) for maximum water drainage Outsole:

This particular person from Asia ” Japan” almost magically reacted amazed, inside the US, then you should advertise for the USA market with the search engines.
I don’t think my represented
business corporation. will be interested in an adventure with your business. ” This was followed by her standing up and walking away and
leaving her partners still in front of me.

I spoke English and Spanish, but they didn’t, I guess they were Asian, African, or European Northern investors.

When I was ready to leave, I had seen that one of the present individuals had the wrong pair of shoes on and I said.

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” A pair of running sneakers instead of dress shoes, is not normally worn on these occasions.” And then I took a look inside of my small bag carrier and pulled out a nice black leather mens dress shoes, and with my right finger, I showed them to the guy

This particular person from Asia ” Japan” almost magically reacted amazed

And with his hands he signs, ” How much? ” I said fifty dollars, and he takes the money from his wallet and pays it to me.

After that I went to the front desk of the hotel travel and asked the receptionist for the room key, but he asked. “So,
You are an internet company selling shoes for women, men and children, and in addition to all of that also hotel

Travel deals reservations and booking trip packages?” I answered, ” Umm, yes we do, and much more.
As a matter of fact, anyone visiting the USA, Africa, Europe and South America should be interested in us!
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We offer the most popular newest styles at great prices. Converses womens shoes, designer dress shoe, Nikes, Steves Maddens prom, shoesAdidas, shoesDSW,
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I guess it is still is very important for some public exposure to potential customers worldwide, like an open book and a nice language course or several courses to learn languages, which are so necessary like on cases like this one.
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& What is the domain name of your site? & Replied the hotel clerk, Solid America, host for American business information, I said. He clamed, I seen it, ok it’s hosted in a hosting sever USA, but it is a new domain, right? I said sure and it reaches the entire world providing a source of service for free.

By the way my friend, I said, Nice to meet you Sir
So he got all exited and replied, it is wonderful you are trieng to make it on the clothing and shoe market

I finished the conversation with the gentlemen I left behind, & low and behold, the guys from the meeting and came back to me with their translator lady
with a document in her hands.

They asked me to sign a long-term agreement for several thousands of USD and a year of advertisement for their corporations, which made me so very happy.
And so I said, ” Now We Are A Real Solid American Outlet”

My dream is that some day we don’t compete or waste time comparing best prices, compare quality or worry about buying the wrong product. Rather than all of the above, we just order comfortable and receive the shipping as 123 one two three steps ahead, easy.

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