The Perfect Democratic System

The Perfect System to Shape Our Future Political Life

The time when everybody got together and discuss about what laws where correct, to put them on place in the country and they could go between a month or 90 days for approval

Correct way to shape our future’s political life.

Democrats party

The time when everybody got together and discuss about what laws where
correct to put on place in The country could go between a month or 90 days for

A strait name for the perfect government system will be to describe a method
99% effective to allow the “country’s people to express themselves with all
their rights that belongs to them from beginning with and how the majority want
to have as a government for their governing their institutions and applying
their laws.

A big deal is to be able to buy items you want, need and can afford to pay

Remember, not to spend money buying unnecessary items and then throwing them on the home garage, it takes lots of space and they depreciate in value

We all know that some times after the vote results, the numbers give the
winner a 55% and the loser only 45% which means there is almost a tie. Meaning
also that imposing a system on the half of the population is kind of not right
or better say, the political party who won the elections will have to convince
the loser political party opponents to their tendency.
It is hard, but it the way Democracy is done and there is no way out after vote results are totally
counted and officially published to the country, allowing the masses to know which political candidate is the winner and which candidates just stayed behind on the campaign final voting results.

What is left out there to replace a pure and transparent Democracy system
where rules of government are clearly accepted by the majority worldwide?
Lets say. NOTHING equals the number one people’s representation system running
in countries like United States, Greece, Swiss Land etc.

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If a government overtakes the people’s rights and converts those rights
recognized by the human rights organizations, the ONU, and other important world
organisms, and maintain this system official for many years, overtaking the
country’s constitution and changing it arbitrary “by force”, then this “official
government” is no less or more than a dictatorship with a corrupted voting system
and never a Democracy as they might claim on many occasions.
Systems of governing like Cuba with Fidel Castro and Raul Castro, Venezuela when Hugo
Chaves and Maduro, North Korea and some other nations in the Middle East or
Africa and Asia

These dictatorship systems are lead by men who usually remain with force rules
on place and overtaking the rights of expression and meeting, so their opponents
won’t ever get the chance to revealed or organize. These bad men or women as the
beautiful Democracy and economical progress on any levels as personal or

They demand the free world to provide them and their people assistance and
they usually blame the free world for their system’s failure, relying on an army
who usually barely eats.
It is proven over a hundred years that if the world allows individuals to
express their ideas and choose their governors or those individuals who become
our leaders chosen by us on a political process on the transparent Democracy’s
voting system, how they want for their lives as far of communities and jobs to
race their children and families, that countries developing happen faster and

Democracy is the new era, the almost perfect opportunity to adjust your laws and
institutions as you need them to work for you. People live much more happy when
they can buy and sell, when they can save money on a bank and invest on land or
buy a home, a car and send their kids to school, college for a career and dream
with better jobs for higher income.

The basic rights that democracy respects are: Freedom of speech without
anyone stopping people’s public talks and telling what how they think and
feel. That right includes the right to vote and choose for new government every
certain amount of years.
The right deciding about where to live and how or when to move from place to
another place. That includes buying properties, investing and savings to later
around start buying properties, profiting from your knowledge and ideas, your
career and leaving a legacy to your kids when passing away many years after.

The right to participate on the free enterprise and contributing to development
of your country’s economics boom ” the nations economy”.
The right for education and educating your kids to contribute to a smarter
world, a nation with professionals is on the way of transforming the future to
becoming a first world nation. Better opportunities for developing technological projects and digital technologies.

Politcal campaigns

American’s nations are all on the line to integrate themselves on the near
future and become the land of opportunities after their respective political
campaigns reach the level of a transparent Democracy description. If they all
share a transparent government system d free of corruption, the progress will be
a fact and there will be open countries boundaries as they will share the same
economics and interests. Even if language barriers are present, one language
will prevailing on place to each individual of the free world can use for
A huge advantage will be only one America’s army and supported by more than 40
nations on this continent. This can save lots of economical resources to small,
medium and large nations on the near future.

People can deliver their resources to make sure they are included on the wave of
technologies all available to each one individual. No more picture IDs on banks,
or business organizations, as people will have their fingerprints clearly
recognized by digital devices and that goes for bills of bills money to pay what
they buy or sell and legal documentation for large acquisitions and legacy.

The freedom of owning your home and be able to sell it if you want, then buy
more. Never being living with fear and save yourselves those mind statements to
allow you on be able to think positive. The democracy is the only way to live
The correct system have certain ingredients that nations will have to adopt to
receive the benefits of it.

Abuse of rights should never be allowed because of personal interests (money hungry) and
lack of knowledge.
The respect is strongly required and no overlapping sides as
too rich or too poor are or should be allow to happen ever. Individuals living
on steam poor conditions are a thread to nations positive development and it is
necessary to find and put on place the solutions and bring these citizens to a
proud middle class with all chances to integrate themselves. Individuals with
steam amounts of millions of Dollars or any other forms and coins, should be
controlled by a law and break down to a point where they can manage their
business correctly. Everybody should be able of paying their taxes every year,
as this tax system is the blood to maintain a correct system functioning
Paying your taxes must make you feel proud, you are giving a piece for building
the nation future and covering a retirement plan for you and your family, others
who also need their retirement and insurance coverage etc.
Democracy has a whole world of opportunities, everyone is entitle to do with
their lives what is best for them. Men and women citizens of a nation must obey
the country’s legal rules approved by the parliament and courts judges.
Education is top priority as job hunting is competition and chosen workers must
do their jobs for what they were trained and the sociality is the result of
those practices from communities.

Communities must make sure that their elderly and children are protected and
live with their families or in government buildings specifically designed for
those purposes of taking care of week citizens who were left without other

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