Urban Exploration of Urban Decay Abandoned Buildings Urbex Photography

Define Urban Decay Exploration

Urban Explorers with abandon hobby of exploration & photos of abandoned places ghost towns, pools, ships, sanitoriums (or A sanatorium respective to a medical facility for long-term illness ), decaying mansions & servant houses.

Hmm. Real stories and legends of wrecked sites buildings & property photos.
Twisted Museum Beauty of Art?
lets call this innovated news ” the urban decay pictures worldwide”.

The photo is about real abandoned places like to name some are: homes, bridges, tunnels on an ugly a state of putrefaction and with dangerous bacterias

Abandoned places

Just for the record, We don’t recommend dangerous adventures on somebody’s else property. Be careful and get permission to enter or trespassing before trying to become a discoverer
Lets talk Urbex & get an urban definition in our own version of the urban dictionary “urban decay pictures or so”, of the curiousness of abandoned structures

Our Solid American Urban Dic “urban definition” defines Urban exploration or Urbex, also called urbexing, UE, spelunking, building hacking, infiltration (to explore active structures), is the the actual exploring, and usually taking urbex photos too, photos of abandoned places such as amusement parks ( like the photos wrecked sites totally abandoned by an irresponsible fresh city of Chernobyl in Ukraine Ferris wheel ).

Abandoned mansions apartments & hotels, grain elevators, factories, power plants, sewer drains [ Teenage Mutant Ninja-Turtles Haha!], missile silos, old churches, fallout shelters, tunnels, scary mental hospitals, asylums, old abandoned swimming pools, catacombs cemeteries & mausoleums, servant house ruins, schools, prisons, abandoned ships, old barns, poor houses, abandoned homes, abandoned cities & towns, buses & trains, and with abandon sanatoriums.
Urban explorers that enjoy this hobby usually consist of freelance photographers whom take beautiful & eerily fascinating pics, historians, preservationists, architects, archaeologists, industrial archaeologists, ghost hunters, and people as a legitimate interest and fun curiosity
( see our other online photos and forum ).

There are several safety concerns of urban exploration that could make this particular hobby moderately to very dangerous, depending on what & where.
This includes bad air asbestos, carbon monoxide, carbon dio falxide, toxic gases, ETC), unsafe floors, exposed electrical wires, entrapment hazards (like a hidden well, or an outhouse in my Cousin’s case!)

However, most urban explorers kind the element of danger serving the heightening of the existential anxiety of exploration.
The photo has a very rusted building care for a peak inside, or something like that

Rusted building

The rusted building, a box of surprises, ceilings and roofs falling down like stars from the sky.
That rusting walls in the outside of the element and an imaginary insides, rooms and decks with Unknown content.

Who could tell what is exactly waiting in the building interior, something probable like baroques old furniture already deteriorated and tables, beds and chairs.

Beautiful style that will eventually disappear slowly as the weather rain, snow and sunshine hit the already week walls.

And then what is the surprise, the treasure chest to discover in case if you decide to make your own tours to visit it?
Ghost, yeas horrible dark side ghost man and older women, sometimes little kids ghost too have being seen by locals after six pm.

These ghost take peeks from the windows.
They are dark shades who scream to each-other and if you are near, to you too!.

Hauntings Urban Decay Pictures

Should the act of infiltration actually just be called ” invasions or
invasion-ration” the near word ? “An Urbex Photography”.

We think not, because it is a proven fact that the work of the explorers is basically the same as that of psychotherapists in their exploration of psychological structures whom are VERY excited by historic traumas.

Also, the book author of “Infiltration”, JeffChapman, stated that “genuine urban explorers never vandalize, steal or damage anything.
The thrill comes from that of discovery and a few nice pictures ”
We agree with Jeff, especially about online photos sharing of legal urbanism exploring.

Top 5 List of Rules for Legal Urban Exploration


Abandoned Buildings & Urbex Photography

1. After finding an abandonment to explore, ask permission from the owner, local police or other government resources, and get a waiver.
Then you can explore worry-free of cops and can concentrate on safety and photos.

2. Arrange a private tour, this good if you want rare information about the site’s history or architecture to go along with haunted urban myths & scary legends.

3. Do Not bring any tools to the property whatsoever, just a camera and a flashlight, at the most.

4. Don’t take souvenirs, that is stealing. Are haunting part of the human fears facing every day? Your pictures are souvenir enough. And, do not Litter or sport graffiti, these are vandalism. Just & Urban Out’ and always remember that the Unspoken rule of urban exploring is “take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints”.

5. Stick to historic “museum-like” legal abandoned buildings urbex photography, that are worth exploring such as a creepy State Penitentiary or eerie Sanitariums (the Best urban decay pictures of art!).
So, there you have it folks.
Stay safe and cautious, and have an urbane of an exciting time at profound Urban Exploration locations & take pics! Don’t forget to join our Solid American Urbex of urban explorer forums, blogs and our most loved Urban Decay Abandoned Places.

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Which it is just Full of All Kinds of every pics of decaying goodies, legends, scary video haunting, old vintage Halloween costumes, best ghosts video, art and much more for your reading & image viewing pleasures! Feel free to share your own online photos of old abandoned property & such too!

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Remember, not to spend money buying unnecessary items and then throwing them on the home garage, it takes lots of space and they depreciate in value.
The sports are an excuse to travel worldwide and getting to know many weird corners with deteriorating antiques, engineer made ideas that went by with the wind and hungry green leaves from the forest (cannibal plants growing unstoppable across entire neighborhoods.
Notice: Very important concerns about breaking through the private properties and without prior permission from the land or construction abandoned owners.
It is not recommendable ever.
Additional to those facts, also consider inspecting the area for safety where you are planning to enter for taking photography and documentary videos media.
Never go alone to places that you aren’t sure what to expect, tell anybody about your plans, phone number and address