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Car Shopping List, Steps Things to Do Before Demo Drive, Brands Toyotas, Dodges, Wholesale Chryslers, GMCs, Mitsubishis Motors, Saturns, Nissans, Cadillacs, BMWs

Best autos with low mileage “used” “certified pre-owned cars” and automobile for sale new 0 mileage.

New Toyota Corolla

How to choose the first personal or family car?
A question that erases to peoples minds at least once in their lives.

Don’t miss the shopping list, find an auto rentals Kias Carnivals Sophias, new cars Jeeps, Infinities, new cars Mazdas, pre-owned Subarus, Suzukis, VWs, Hondas cars.
When there is a need for personal or group transportation around town, interstate, back and forward to work or the shopping store.
The years 1990’s we thought that we were very smart because the internet provided a method to go shopping for brand new models and used cars, right from the top of our beds with a laptop computer and we got enough vehicle education to start a commercial argument with the local car salesmen at the car dealer, and walk out with the barely factory invoice price.

Remember, not to spend money buying unnecessary items and then throwing them on the home garage, it takes lots of space and they depreciate in value

This meant a major jump on cars shopping and prices invoice or sticker prices comparison ” compare smart shopper”.

Camry 86

What the buyers didn’t know was that most car dealers were OK about selling their brand new on the invoice plus shipping prices, and at the other needs like financing interest rates and stealing the buyers trades was the part of the purchasing process where these dealers made their gross profits.

They had a really fun time and loosing thousands, but when they took the vehicle home and weaken up there, then within minutes or hours these buyers return to claim why they paid too much and lost on the deal.

The years went by and on years 2000’s things got even better for consumers and better for car makers or corporations in the market of building vehicles
Because they understood that consumers are the blood of the market
They must be happy and comfortable driving what they love.

There are several vehicle systems, or better saying, types of engine and body styles

Used truck

As far of engines, things are changing and Hybrids and electric cars are selling more and more as consumers want to cooperate with global warming prevention and savings on energy with these efficient machines.

In the other hand the body style maintains a permanent changing rhythm to please the aerodynamics and handling on the ride, but also without sacrificing competition and quality ride, acceptance from various customers demands.

People love to go with their friends, alone or with family to shop for a new car, in their minds they make comparison of features for their current driving car and the one they are looking, then if this new product attracts their attention

They decide to take a demo drive around city.
Interesting, because there is where the dealership salesman takes over and shows the advantages, the brand new and existing features
“gasoline fuel efficiency” or electrical bill bid savings or solar charging capacity.

These key points in the early sale are the ones that will make a buyer fall in love with the car or just walk away and pay nothing, still keep driving the old model.

Some manufactures did a huge job about building brand on the eighties nineties and now two thousands they are enjoying that all high quality
reputation and durability when selling their existing or new models.

One recognized first place is for Toyotas vehicles trucks Pick-up for work or just transport, and family mid sized Sedans, small compact car like Civics ” young buyers”.

The Toyotas Camrys takes peoples attention no matter how much it cost and buyers pay that price because they know that if something goes wrong
They can sell it used for the price of the new one, which means the car maintains the value year after year and as it gets old with good standing maintenance, it is very easy to sell it.

The Toyotas Corollas is the model that took space on the top seller all across America, people bought it because they want it to have it as second earrings car or as the first choice for their teenager song or daughter to start up with college ransportation
The seniors who knew the value also went and purchased.

The Japanese vehicles climbed up high enough to be the leaders mainly because Latin Americans bought their trucks and small cars like rice

In Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Republican Dominican, Puerto Rico, Panama and many other countries consumed these models for work and transports.

That case happed in the early eighties when Hyundai models sold and they broke people’s trust because the body of vehicles where getting destroyed by the salted air easily.

In Mexican market
The Fords Motor truck also sold very good and the Mercedeses C Class, Fashion and perfect security performance of course was and still selling big time in the government officials or movie stars and famous business singers men and women.

The second place is for Hondas cars, the outstanding quality and reputation has earned for this corporation what Mr Honda always wanted, “the permanent sales and acceptance from consuming markets worldwide”.
The Hondas Accords is a family or single driving occupant. However Accords are taken like with the eyes blind from the dealership.
They don’t last longer and the only competitor they have are another same models or a new coming out accord.

What really prevents a buyer shopper from buying right now is the cost on the sticker, but if the manager makes the necessary cuts, then this guys will buy it.

You tell me what about the Civics models, incredible easy to sell, they are cute and if they are old and pre-owed, the better.

Civics models are usually 4 cylinders gasoline fuel, but they are making them electrical and hybrids too.
Teens like to drive it, own it and enjoyed because they are sporty compact things.

The Latest Brands List

Chevrolets GMCs, Chryslers, Mitsubishis Motors, Saturns, Nissans, Cadillacs, Dodges, BMWs, KYAs, Jeeps, Infinitys, Mazdas, Subarus, Suzukis, VWs and more.

At sometime later, we will start making deeply reviews of specific engines performance and handling for particular model sellers.

The list goes from auto loans and approvals, to used vans list and location, bikes, motor-homes ( motor homes), auto parts or car accessories and parts

Decide how to make the deal, retail cash price, finance with the a local national bank loan or pay wholesale by betting to acquire the best deals.

Car Shopping List, Steps and List Things to do Before The Demo Drive, Brands Toyotas, Dodges, Wholesale Chryslers.

Some technical specifications on the Corollas:
Trim 3Dr Hatchback 1.4 D-4D, Fuel Delivery Injection, BHP 89.0, Torque ( lbs feet ) 96.0, RPM to which the Torque refers 4400, Maximum Speed 115,
Acceleration (0-60) 12.0

Insurance Group 3, Fuel Economy: Urban 48.7, Fuel Economy: Extra Urban 65.7, Fuel Economy: Combined 58.9, Emissions Data (co2 gm/km) 128, Service Intervals 12 moths/10000 miles,
No of doors 3, Body Style Hatchback, Transmission Manual
Fuel type Diesel
Front Brakes VENT DISC
Rear Brakes DISC
Tyre type 195/60R15 V

Production Start Date 21/02/06
Production End Date 31/12/06
Length (mm) 4180
Width (mm) 1710
Height (mm) 1475
Unladen weight 1195
Terms: MPVs, SUVs & 4WD Hybrid, Van

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Remember, not to spend money buying unnecessary items and then throwing them on the home garage, it takes lots of space and they depreciate in value and then you got nothing left to sell or trade for another vehicle.